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Stone crusher screening system used in the High Speed ​​Rail


Nowadays, north Beijing-Shijiazhuang and Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan passenger line are engaged in full swing. The estimated total investment of the projects is 116.76 billion RMB by the Ministry of Railways and Hebei, Henan, Hubei province joint construction.

For the construction machinery industry concerned, this is undoubtedly a significant investment opportunity. In recent years, high-speed railway construction is in very important position. Relative to highway construction, the railway construction investment scale, construction period, involving a wide range, more effectively promote the building materials, construction machinery and other markets. High-speed railway infrastructure in accordance with the investment of 6,000 millions of dollars, the share of civil works, in which approximately 55%. This means that this investment will reach 330 billion yuan of civil engineering. Among these, the demolition costs about 500 million. Embankment construction cost about 500 million. Bridge construction cost about 110 billion yuan. Tunnel is about 110 billion yuan.

These projects cover a wide range of engineering machinery products exception, earthwork machinery, broken machinery, lifting machinery, road machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery ... ... Those who scream the name of the engineering machinery products, without exception, are involved in railway construction Possible. Crusher also has very wide range of machinery applications. High-speed railway on concrete aggregate grain type has a higher level requirements. We design and production of high-speed railway, highway aggregate aggregate aggregate-level product line with the management, grain shape well and flakiness particle content can be controlled within 5%.

Case Study: A basalt mining uses jaw crusher - Impact Crusher process. Impact Crusher is not only very serious wear and tear and the flakiness content of their products increases more than 10%, resulting in poor product sales.It can not meet the requirements of highway construction. The efficient use of VI Series vertical impact crusher for technological transformation, the product decreases down to 4.8% flakiness content. Used alone as the final crusher crushing process than the process line, the output increased by 30%; the addition of the broken plastic surgery procedures increased the crushing ratio and processing capabilities, so that production has increased significantly. And the direct use of crusher stone processing procedures as compared to the final crushing. Wear and tear of wearing parts of the equipment was reduced by 25%; due to broken or cone crusher as secondary crusher to use. And efficient vertical shaft impact crusher small metal consumption. Therefore, during the whole process, the vulnerability of consumption are greatly reduced.

Aggregate production line has been successfully applied in Dalian, Nanjing-Hangzhou Expressway, the airport expansion project, the National Grand Theatre project, Baoquan Pumped Storage Power Station, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway passenger line and other large projects.

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