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Sand and gravel aggregate production and property

Sand and gravel aggregate production line

 Sand and gravel aggregate have difference between coarse and fine. Generally called the coarse gravel orthopedics, called the fine sand aggregate. China hydraulic concrete construction in accordance with technical specifications, fine aggregate particle size range of 0.5 ~ 5 mm, greater than 5mm called coarse aggregate. In order to form a good gradation, reduced transport, mixing, pouring the separation of coarse aggregate size to be divided into several levels.

Most of the large volume of hydraulic concrete, often using four size-class, maximum diameter of 150mm (which uses the 120 mm). 150 mm above the coarse aggregate to reduce the cement is not obvious, more difficult to deal with transport, construction, easily separated, in fact, rarely used. 150 ~ 5mm in diameter in the range, it is customary to aggregate into four size-class, that is 150 ~ 80,80 ~ 40,40 ~ 20 and 20 ~ 5mm.

   Aggregate has two major categories of natural and artificial. Most rivers have a natural sand and gravel yard, as long as the acquisition of appropriate screening sand and gravel washing, can be used as the thickness of the concrete aggregate.

    Natural sand and gravel in the defect, and some can be addressed in production, but may complicate the process and increase production costs. Water conservancy and hydropower project is characterized by large scale, can be found in the project vicinity is not of sufficient quality to meet the requirements of natural aggregate. Sometimes encountered in long-distance sand transport and poor mining conditions and other factors, might as well come in the local production of artificial aggregate economy.

     Artificial aggregate is produced with mechanical method to rock crushing, grinding made of artificial aggregates. As the artificial aggregates can select the appropriate rock for the original stone, rock types of a single, gradation can be controlled, year-round exploration and production are generally able to conduct, damage to the environment is small, it becomes more widely used at home and abroad.

     Coarse aggregate is usually called artificial stone. The gravel is mainly affected by particle shape and the original stone rock crusher models affected. Generally speaking, limestone, granite, grain shape, a good system of gravel, and basalt, quartzite rock pin high-strength sheet and more. With the cone, hammer crusher manufactured stone. jaw crusher produces Grain shape, elongated particles are more, and most enriched in the fine stone. Rod mill production of artificial sand, the grain shape, size distribution are rather good. Artificial aggregate of the source material, once selected, we are required to adopt appropriate processes and equipment to produce high quality aggregate.

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