stone Production line

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  • non-pollution stone Production line
  • stone production line for road
  • non-pollution line for ore grinding

Machine Knowledge

Jaw crusher Points to note

Jaw crusher working

1,preparation before the start of jaw crusher:

»  Check the bearing lubrication is good. elbow plate , moving jaw , the seat cushion bracket and its contact points have sufficient grease.

»  Check that all fasteners are tightened.

»  Check the drive belt is installed correctly and in good condition. The belt found damaged should be replaced when the belt or sheave on the oil slick and also apply a clean cloth to wipe a timely manner.

» Check the protection device is good.If there is insecurity that protective equipment should be immediately removed.

» Check whether the material damage or other debris cavity, if so should be removed.

»  Check the hydraulic head from the top whether screw machine is back and whether the gasket is properly installed and compacted.

» damaged materials should be added evenly broken cavity to avoid feeding or full of feeding the side to prevent the unilateral overload, load mutation or blocked.

»  Under normal operating conditions, bearing temperature should not exceed 30 °ś and the maximum temperature not exceed 70 °ś. If more than 70 °ś, you should immediately stop and identify the cause and to be eliminated.

»  First of all, stop feeding before parking. Only after all the material discharged you can turn off the motor.

»  When parking caused by the material congestion , they should immediately turn off the motor and the material must be cleared before the motor starts again.

»  when the end of fixed jaw plate wear and tear, you can exchange the other end.

» Crusher used for a period of time should be re-tighten all fasteners.

2, lubrication

»  To ensure the normal operation,the machine and the extension of all life should be regularly oiling lubrication.

» The grease added within the bearing capacity should be 50 to 70% and every 3 to 6 months replaced.When exchange g

rease you should open the release bearing hole to carefully clean gasoline or kerosene and other parts of roller bearings.


»  The machine adopts the

grease should be based on the location of the machine,the temperature and other conditions. We generally use calcium sodium grease and grease drier in the bath.we can also use light oil and grease blending before use.

»  When assembly or repair we can just add the right amount of grease between the bracket.

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