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How to remove vibrating screen bearing?

vibrating screen

Vibrating screen bearing improper removal can cause internal damage to the bearings. Pollutants may enter the bearing or cause re-installation possible errors. Therefore, the vibrating screen bearing removal must be very careful.The axis must have appropriate support, or demolition of power may hurt the bearings.

    1, the demolition of the external

 The circumference of the shell in advance to set a few outer extrusion screw with a screwdriver, tighten the screw side equally, while demolition of the outer interference fit. These usually cover the screw hole blanking plugs, shaker tapered roller bearings, bearing the separation, the shoulders of the housing block to set a few incisions, the use of pads, with the press demolition, or gently tap the demolition. 

   2, the vibrating screen demolition of cylindrical bore bearings

 Mechanical pressure can pull out inner ring. At this point, pay attention to the inner strength to withstand the pull. Bearing inner ring of large vibrating screen demolition uses hydraulic method. Axis of the hole by setting them in the oil makes it easy to pull. Width of the large drawing bearing use the oil law and fixtures demolition operation.

   Cylindrical roller bearing inner ring disassembly vibrating screen can use induction heating. Local heating in a short time, so that the inner expansion of the method after the drawing.

   3, cone bearing removal

   Dismount small bearings with adapter sleeve, with the fastening support of block in the inner shaft, after the nut back a few times, beat with a hammer using the pad removal.

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