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  • non-pollution stone Production line
  • stone production line for road
  • non-pollution line for ore grinding

Machine Knowledge

How to operate hammer crusher?

Hammer crusher is a kind of crushing equipment commonly used, especially for brittle materials. And when there are larger production requirements,hammer crusher is the best choice. Using high-speed rotary hammer crushing force generated, making the hammer crusher has the same output under thesmall, broken ratio, small footprint, easy to use, operate and so on.

1, the preparation before starting:
Detailed examination before booting the main bearings and other transmission parts for oil, should be added enough oil.
Check whether the various components of the connecting screws are loose fracture phenomenon.
Check the parts of the body and whether there are obstacles to transmission.
Check the transmission and the motor is normal, such as whether the fault and the belt from the floor, the motor terminal box and grounding
Whether the connections are secure, whether the transmission mechanism of the protective device intact.
Only in the various parts of the examination are normal only after the start signal is given, then the boot device order.
2, the operation of the inspection and operation:
The normal operation of the crusher in the event of a sudden stop, without identifying the former reason, not force boot device, the reasons identified, should clean up broken out inside the material after the boot sequence can.
Note that the crusher in operation sound is normal, when there hammer and grate beating and friction, the sound is not normal when a timely manner. Check the operation of the equipment is strictly prohibited. After the crushing machine downtime, should also check the hammer, lining, grate the material wear.

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